The glorious journey of the Department of Marketing Studies & International Marketing, University of Chittagong started on November 1 in 1992 by ten well-committed teachers naming Professor A. J. M. Nuruddin Chowdhury, Professor Sirajuddaula Shaheen, Professor A. N. M. Nurul Kareem, Abu Bakar Siddique, Dr. Mohd. Solaiman, Mr. Abdullah, Md. Shawqatul Meher, Syed Ahsanul Alam and Tariq-Ibne-Safa. Later, S. M. Salamat Ullah Bhuiyan has joined the department completing his MBA from UK. Presently the offers of the department are BBA, MBA, M.Phill and PhD degrees.

To give the students a glimpse of real world, the department has started a program of “Marketing Lecture” series by professionals, academicians, scholars both from national and international arena.

To develop the organizing skill among the students, the department has always played an encouraging role. Steps like forming the “Marketing Alumni Association”, encouraging the inception of “Society for Leadership Proliferation (SLP)”, the student organization aimed at developing the leadership among the students, are taken which clearly reflect the support of the department to make the student as strong contenders in the job field.

To enhance the quality of its teaching resources the department has always encouraged the teachers to go abroad and supported as much as possible.

The department is also rich in researches and publications. “The Marketer”, “Marketing Scenario”, “Marketing News Letter”, “Journal of Marketing Studies” definitely prove the restless effort in this regard.